THL launches national coronvirus research project 

Scientists hope to get information from 3,000 participants who either had a confirmed Covid-19 diagnosis, or who had the symptoms of the virus.

File picture of coronavirus blood sample / Credit: iStock

The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare THL is launching a new national project to gather more data about people who have coronavirus.

Researchers are looking to see whether individual factors like lifestyle or hereditary health conditions play a part in how the virus progresses in different people, and what symptoms it causes.

“The results of the study can be used at a later stage in the planning of treatment and preventive measures for coronavirus” says Research Professor Markus Perola.

“The first results are expected to be available already during this epidemic, especially if it is prolonged due to control measures” he adds.

THL wants to sign up 3,000 people to the project who have either received a confirmed Covid-19 diagnosis, or who are suspected to have had the virus. The research is being carried out in cooperation with university hospitals, the Red Cross blood service, and private healthcare providers.