Police investigate Oulu councilor’s video broadcast

Officers are looking into whether any offense was committed during an online broadcast that Junes Lokka held at the same time as Oulu City Council's official meeting.

File picture showing detail on police uniform / Credit: News Now Finland

Police in Oulu say they’re investigating a suspected incident of threatening language and defamation by city councilor Junes Lokka.

The alleged incident took place during the time of an Oulu City Council online meeting on 9th November, with police clarifying that it didn’t happen in the official broadcast on the city’s website, but rather on Lokka’s own video broadcast which was happening at the same time.

Lokka is a far-right politician who has previously been convicted in court of ethnic agitation for uploading a video of anti-immigrant and Islamophobic speech to social media.

He also has a reputation for insulting people online including calling them “fucking idiots,” “whores,” and “disturbed lunatics” according to Journalisti magazine.

The local politician is currently involved in an ongoing court case over freedom of speech issues with a journalist who called him a “Nazi clown” and a “racist” in a private Facebook group.