News Now Finland is a portal for original, independent journalism about Finland in English, which launched in September 2017. 

The site was founded by Helsinki-based journalists David Mac Dougall and Janne Strang. 

David started his journalism career as a television producer at KIVI-TV, an ABC affiliate in the USA. He later spent six years working as a war correspondent in Iraq for Fox News & Sky News. In 2009, David moved to South Asia for The Associated Press, heading up the agency’s video news gathering operations in Afghanistan and Pakistan for two years; and then in 2011 he relocated to Finland to lead AP’s video news gathering in the eight Nordic and Baltic countries. He has written for AP, London Times, Forbes, Politico Europe and the BBC; and continues to report for STV Scottish Television, and BBC Scotland Radio and Television. David has been on assignment in more than 30 countries as a foreign correspondent. In Finland, he is best known for his live television interviews on MTV’s Huomenta Suomi morning newscast, where he interviewed all eight candidates in English during the 2012 Presidential election cycle; and all main party leaders in the 2015 parliamentary elections. In 2015 & 2016 David hosted the weekly current affairs show Newsmakers for digital channel HSTV. He has also written numerous articles in English for Helsingin Sanomat, Finland’s main national newspaper.

Janne began work as a freelance journalist in 1999, after graduating from Helsinki University. In 2001 he joined Finland’s leading Swedish-language daily Hufvudstadsbladet as a reporter, before moving to state-funded broadcaster YLE two years later to work as a news reporter and later, columnist. In 2006, Janne moved back to HBL where he held several positions over the next decade including web news editor, head of features, and web TV producer at Studio HBL, where he conceived and launched several online shows for Hufvudstadsbladet subscribers. Since 2016 Janne has been a freelance journalist once again, and the host of popular Swedish-language current affairs podcast Två Nollor För Mycket.