Navy launches autumn exercises with 2,000 participants

Personnel from the Navy, Air Force and Border Guard will be taking part in Kaisla 20, which runs until 4th December.

File picture of Finnish naval vessel at sea / Credit: Merivoimat

The Finnish Navy launched its autumn wargames on Thursday, codenamed Kaisla 20, which runs until 4th December.

Around 2,000 personnel are involved in the exercises which take place in the Eastern Gulf of Finland, the Archipelago Sea and coastal areas of Uusimaa and southeast Finland.

Among the military assets taking part are battleships, support vessels and command boats from the Navy and the Border Guard; as well as helicopter units and planes from the Finnish Air Force.

“This exercise develops the readiness and ability of the Navy to carry out naval operations, and is the culmination of the training of conscripts returning in December” explains Commodore Janne Muurinen, the Navy’s Director of Training.

“The challenging coastal and lighting conditions of the coast, which are typical of the season, will test the training forces in a special way” he adds.

During Kaisla 20, naval forces carry out operational tasks such as firing missiles, mining operations, mine hunting and maritime security; while coastal forces are practicing combat and landing in coastal areas.