Weekend weather: winter and spring happening at the same time!

Expect a real mixed forecast for the weekend and into Monday morning - with snow, sleet, rain, strong winds, strong winds and warm temperatures all in the mix!

River Aura is now completely free of ice, in this 23rd March 2019 photo / Credit: Turku City

There’s a real mix of weather this weekend: in some parts of the country it’s going to feel like spring has started; and in other areas you’ll think that winter is never going to end!

Precipitation sweeps across Finland over the weekend – in the south and central areas it will fall as rain but in the north it will fall as snow, and there could be several centimetres of snow falling in some parts of Lapland.

In Turku, they’re already declaring the start of spring as all the water in the River Aura is now ice free.

“Exceptionally temperature weather in February and March resulted in thin ice. Snow helped to ensure the ice didn’t thicken as much as normal, and because of this, the ice is gone” says the Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI.

“Sometimes we waited for the ice to melt until April, and we had to use the tugboat to help break the ice” harbour captain Kari Riutta tells Turun Sanomat newspaper in the south west city.

Saturday forecast

The temperature dropped below freezing overnight, but rises above zero in many places during the day. In western Finland, expect +5C or more. After the rain clears away there’s a good chance of some sunshine breaking through the clouds especially in the west of the country during the afternoon.

In Lapland, the temperature stays either just above, or just below freezing during the day; and the evening will be clear across northern Finland.

Sunday forecast

Expect pleanty of sunshine across the south, south west, south east, central and west coast areas of Finland with temperatures as high as +8C in some areas for Sunday.

In Lapland there’s more cloud cover in the forecast for Sunday, with wet snow in the far north west, but still some areas in the north especially around Kemi will see sunshine and temperatures up to +6C.

After Sunday the forecast is more uncertain: a cold front could arrive with a new low pressure system although there’s a chance of warmer weather as well.

For Monday, expect rain and sleet in the south, mixed sunshine in the south west, some chances of snow, but sunshine in Lapland.