Weekend weather: storm warnings and snow in the forecast

Low pressure systems bring lots of snow for Lapland, and strong storm winds across central and southern areas this weekend.

File picture of fallen tree on top of car / Credit: @brankkarit Twitter

One important tip for the weekend: choose your clothing wisely!

The Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI is forecasting strong winds all over the country as an autumn storm moves in, and plenty of snow for the north of Finland.

A low pressure front moves eastwards across southern Lapland during Friday and Saturday.

“Heavy snowfall is expected during the coming evening and night to Lapland and I would estimate something up to 20cm of snow by Saturday” says meteorologist Helena Laakso.

“Snowfall will ease off on Saturday as the front passes east over the country” she adds.

In Central Finland – and also possibly in North and South Ostrobothnia – winds are forecast to intensify up to 20 metres per second, and bring an autumn storm to the region.

“Some snow may also appear in Northern Ostrobothnia and Kainuu during the night and the weather is anyway forecast to turn bad” Laakso tells News Now Finland.

“In the central part of the country some trees may fall and in some places electricity may be interrupted, it is quite a strong winds at 20 metres per second” she explains.

Another fast-moving low pressure front sweeps across the south to the east from Saturday

“It’s expected to hit southern Finland in particular, but its route is still uncertain. At the moment, it seems that it would pass over the southern part of the country, causing rain and increasing winds to the south, especially to the southern sea area” says meteorologist Helena Laakso.

The Helsinki Rescue Department is warning people to take precautions ahead of the storm on Friday and Saturday.

They say to avoid damage make sure vulnerable objects like temporary structures or boat moorings can withstand strong gusts of wind.

By Sunday, both low pressure fronts are expected to pass over the country to the east, followed by an increase in northern airflow, which is expected to bring cold air to the whole country for Sunday and next week.