Weekend weather: get ready for rain

The temperatures are warming up a lot this weekend, and that means rain, slush and fast-melting snow!

File picture of winter weather / Credit: News Now Finland

The temperature’s rising this weekend, and snow turns to slush in many parts of the country as rain moves in as well.

According to the Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI, a rain front moves from southern Finland to the north east this evening, with rain eventually falling across much of the country except for the northernmost part of Lapland.

Meteorologist Juha Tuomola says everywhere roughly south of Jyväskylä will see temperatures at freezing or slightly above zero over the course of the weekend.

Northern Lapland will however keep some pretty cold temperatures around -20°C throughout the next few days.


More rain or wet snow continues to fall during the day on Saturday, from the south all the way to Kainuu region of north east Finland, where temperatures could also creep up to zero.

“From the height of Kainuu to southern Finland, precipitation is forecast to come as rain or slushy snow, but in the Lapland area the precipitation will remain as snow” Tuomola tells News Now Finland.


During the day on Sunday the rains are forecast to spread even further across the country, including to Northern Ostrobothnia.

“Temperatures in the southern part of Finland are forecast to be around +1 to +3 degrees, and the zero-degree-spot is expected to settle down around southern Lapland. In Lapland however, precipitation is expected to fall as snow but for many other parts of the country expect rain” says meteorologist Juha Tuomola.