Weekend: dirty winter weather warnings

There's going to be plenty of sunshine around, especially on Sunday, but also sleet, snow and rain depending where you are.

File picture of snowy road conditions / Credit: News Now Finland

Get ready for a weekend of dirty winter weather: sleet, rain, snow flurries and cold overnight temperatures (but also sunshine!).

Experts at the Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI are forecasting a mostly bright but chilly weekend, with the best of the sun on Sunday – but there’s a lot of different weather fronts playing havoc around Finland.

In the capital city region and south west Finland there weekend warnings of ‘potentially dangerous’ driving conditions, as wet roads slick up in the colder overnight temperatures.

“There is currently a weakening snow frontier between Jämsä and Tampere and another front is at North Karelia and North Savonia, so snow is coming more or less in patches” says meteorologist Nina Karusto at FMI.

“On Saturday there will be a strong low air pressure system in the southern part of the country, likely only weak rainfall in coastal areas. The sea is still so warm that the precipitation will probably appear as water” she says.

By Saturday evening the wind direction switches to the north east, which means the temperature will drop somewhat, and there’s a slight chance the rain on the south coast will turn to sleet or snow.

“During the weekend in the areas of eastern Finland, the Finnish Lakeland and Päijänne Tavastia there may be snow falls, but only locally. In these areas, there might be more or less snow, it is difficult to predict” meteorologist Nina Karusto tells News Now Finland.