Warm air brings summer temperatures to Finland

Highs in the next few days could be close to breaking a record held since 1959.

Composite image from Finnish Meteorological Institute showing warm temperatures on 14.10.2018 & 15.10.2018 / Credit: FMI

We’re all set for another taste of summer over the next few days when temperatures could top +18°C in some parts of the country.

It’s the true definition of ‘Indian summer’ when hot weather continues into autumn.

“Very warm air is flowing to Finland from southwest. This is the same phenomenon that brings a heatwave in the summer” explains Anniina Valtonen, a meteorologist at the Finnish Institute of Meteorology FMI.

It’s all thanks to a low pressure range over the Atlantic and British isles, turning the wind direction counterclockwise and pushing a flow of warm air from the south and south west up into Finland.

“Typically, the temperatures at this time of a year is in the southern part of the country about ten degrees, in the middle part around eight degrees and in the north between three and five degrees […] the temperature is exceptional at this time a year, and it should rise above 18 degrees next week” says Valtonen.

It’s set to be one of the hottest Octobers on record – back in 1959 the temperature rose to just over +19°C.