Temperature drop and more snow ahead in the forecast

Get ready for chilly weather and snow next week.

File picture of winter weather sign in snowy landscape / Credit: News Now Finland

Although the weather has been relatively mild in most parts of the country in recent days, a new cold snap is coming, bringing snow and falling temperatures.

“The story with the weather is that there’s a gradual decreasing of temperatures. Of course it is not steady, and it has some variations, but in the end of next week I think the probability for cold temperatures of -10°C or even more is possible in southern Finland” explains meteorologist Paavo Korpela from the Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI.

The last of the mild weather comes to an end over the weekend, and in northern Finland the temperature will fall even further than the south.

“Today we have over zero degrees, a little bit of mixed weather, but then it starts to get colder after the weekend on Monday we have in northern Finland 10 to 20 degrees below zero” says Korpela.

If there’s cloudy skies it moderates the temperatures somewhat, but if there are clear skies the temperature “will drop even lower -20 to -30 degrees over northern Finland” Korpela adds.

There’s also some snow in the forecast for next week, covering large parts of the country although not too much. On Monday expect a few centimetres in southern and central areas.
The next largest snowfall after that comes on Thursday.