Sunny weather brings +30°C temperatures to many parts of Finland

Hot summer sun for most parts of the country - except one area which is forecast to be "remarkably cold" and rainy!

File picture of daffodils / Credit: News Now Finland

Get ready for summer!

Forecasters say the temperatures will hit +25°C across much of the country towards the end of the week, with even higher temperatures expected in some areas.

“It can reach +30°C in southern and western Finland on Thursday and Friday, with very warm air spreading to Finland from continental Europe” explains Ari Mustala from the Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI.

The warm weather will spread to most of the country including into the middle part of Lapland where it will still be +25°C. However in the far north it turns “remarkably cold” again according to Mustala, with rain expected even into the weekend.

With hot weather comes the chance of localised thunder storms especially on Friday and Saturday and the very hottest temperatures ease off again by the start of next week.