September was hot, now enjoy the cold!

Half of September was warm, the other half rainy. Now autumn has arrived.

File picture of summer flowers, 2018 / Credit: News Now Finland

September weather was exceptional, according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute’s records.

Temperatures stayed high across most of the country with the south in particular enjoying average highs of +14°C, although Lapland had some normal temperatures of +8°C.

The averages – apart from the north – were about +1°C to +3°C warmer than usual, an event that happens only once every ten to 30 years according to FMI’s statistics.

Weather in September came in two parts: the first half of the month was particularly warm with a peak of +26.1°C. But at the latter half of the month, Storm Kuisma swept over the country and lowered the temperatures a bit.

That September high confirmed 2018 as the second warmest summer since more than 15 years. This year we had 64 days where the mercury hit +25°C and back in 2002 there were 65 days.

Rain dampened the country

Although September’s temperatures were warmer than usual, there was also quite a bit of rain, especially from South Karelia to Lapland.

The highest single rainfall of 148mm was measured at Koivuniemi in Kymenlaakso.