Midsummer weather: your full holiday weekend forecast

Sunshine, strong winds, rain and thunder storms - there's something for everyone over Juhannus!

File picture of beach life, June 2019 / Credit: News Now Finland

Midsummer is the most-anticipated holiday of the year in Finland, with many people heading away from home to their countryside, coast or lakeside cottages.

And the weather is one of the most talked-about topics in the weeks leading up to Midsummer – or Juhannus in Finnish – as well, with the bad weather years seeming to outnumber the good weather years recently!

So what’s in store this holiday weekend? We talked with meteorologists at the Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI to get the day-by-day breakdown.

Friday forecast 

A warm air mass coming from the south has already arrived in Finland and brings with it temperatures over +25°C to southern and western areas.

The hottest temperatures around +28°C can be found in southern and eastern areas.

However, the warm air also brings sporadic strong thunderstorms for Friday which develop in the west and move eastwards as the day goes on.

The coolest weather on Friday is found across much of Lapland where a cooler air mass brings rain and temperatures only around +10°C.

By late Friday evening for the main Midsummer celebrations, a large part of the country can expect pleasant weather.

“The thunderstorms will go to Russia and the east, and it’s quite clear skies and nice weather for the night between Friday and Saturday” says meteorologist Henri Nyman.

File picture of summer flowers, 2018 / Credit: News Now Finland

Saturday forecast

Saturday sees some changeable weather with a low pressure system arriving from northern Sweden into northern Finland, bringing cool temperatures and rain in Lapland.

The best of the weather is in southern Finland but strong westerly winds in Central Finland could bring gusts with the strength to knock down some trees and do some damage.

Sunday weather 

By Sunday the low pressure system is moving to the east and that improves the weather in northern parts, but there is still some rain over Lapland and rather cool temperatures.

In southern Finland expect more sunshine and the best of the weather above +20°C.

Water temperatures 

In southern and western parts of the country lake temperatures are now around +20°C especially in smaller lakes.

In larger bodies of water like Lake Saimaa it’s going to be a few degrees cooler, and Lapland lakes will feel rather colder than that as well.

For sea areas expect an average of +15°C rising close to +20°C in southern inland coastal waters. In the Bay of Bothnia it won’t be nearly so warm for swimming in the sea, only around +10°C according to meteorologists.