Midsummer weather: turn up the temperatures!

There's a lot of hot weather this week in many parts of Finland but some colder areas and a chance of thunder and rain over the Juhannus weekend holiday.

File picture of lake and mökki in summer / Credit: iStock

As Finland starts an annual slowing down towards the Midsummer holiday weekend the most one question everyone wants to know is what the weather’s going to be like.

This year it’s going to be hot, above +25°C in most of the country, but there’s also some areas which will see temperatures below +10°C – and there’s rain an a chance of thunder storms in places as well.

To forecast the weather for Midsummer weekend you first need to look at the bigger picture of what’s happening right now says meteorologist Anniina Valtonen from the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

There’s a strong high pressure front over Finland this week and that’s bringing mostly dry and warm air, but there’s more moist and hot air over Russia and Eastern Europe pushing up into Finland from the south. When those two air masses meet it will cause thunderstorms, Valtonen explains.

We’re going to see some rains and storm activity in southern areas on Tuesday, while Wednesday they’ll linger in southern and western areas. By Thursday the rain and thunder has moved to the east and northern areas – but not as far north as Lapland.

Where the storms move through, expect the temperature to remain quite high still in the 20s, but any dip in temps during rain showers will only be temporary.

“When we come to Midsummer we will have strong high pressure from the west that pushes the moist hot air back to Russia. The weather will become warm and dry again, and not so humid” says meteorologist Anniina Valtonen.

“Friday will be sunny with only a few cumulus clouds but mainly sunny across almost the whole country. only in Northern Lapland will temperatures be below +10°C but elsewhere it will be +25°C and above” she tells News Now Finland.

If you’re spending Midsummer on the western or southern coasts there is a sea breeze that will make the temperatures feel a little cooler. The sea temperature is warming up quickly but for now it brings a cool breeze to the shore.

“On Saturday high pressure brings cloudless blue skies, and it warms up in Lapland as well to +15°C. But there’s a catch. That moist air front is still close to Finland and it means there’s a small possibility of thunder showers in the southern part of the country where it will be warm and humid again” says Valtonen.

Watch out over the holiday weekend for a high UV index which means the sun is particularly strong – wear sunglasses and sunblock because sunburn hurts!

The heat warnings also mean an increased risk of forest fire throughout the country.

“Those thunder and rain showers over the next few days will have some sort of impact, but we don’t know if it rains enough for us to take away the wildfire alert” says Anniina Valtonen.

Quick guide:

  • Hottest areas: somewhere inland & southern like Tampere or Hämeenlinna;
  • Coldest: Northern Lapland, eg: Inari
  • Breeze: southern, western coasts, eg: Nantaali
  • Storms: south, eg: Helsinki
  • Best weather, moderate temps: Northern Pohjanmaa, eg: Kajaani