Look up for the super snow full moon tonight

Another celestial phenomenon should illuminate the February night sky.

File picture of super moon / Credit: iStock

If you missed the super blood wolf moon in January, tonight you’ll have the chance to see a Super Snow Full Moon – as long as there’s not too much cloud cover.

According to Jyrki Manninen, a geophysicist at Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory, when a regular full moon takes place at the same time as the moon is near its closest approach to Earth, it’s known as a ‘super full moon’.

And in turn, when there is a new moon around the closest point to Earth, it is known as a super new moon.

“When the moon rises from the horizon it causes an optical illusion where the moon looks much bigger than it is in the middle of the sky” say Manninen.

A ‘super’ moon appears up to 30% brighter and 14% larger than when it’s at it’s apogee – the furthest from planet Earth.

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Tonight’s celestial event is known as a ‘snow’ moon because it happens during the snowy month of February.

In January, another rare full moon phenomenon took place when the super blood wolf moon rose in the skies above Finland, giving a chance for even amateur photographers to take some stunning pictures.

”The difference between these two is that the blood wolf moon was a lunar eclipse
but today’s phenomenon is an actual full moon. They´re completely different phenomena”, geophysicist Jyrki Manninen tells News Now Finland.

However, the perfectly clear skies on the one of the coldest night of winter allowed people exceptional views of the super blood wolf moon in January.

Tonight however, a lot depends on the cloud cover, although the current weather forecast shows a lot of cloud lingering over Finland in the afternoon, which is forecast to give way to clearer skies this evening.