Hot Right Now: Temperatures Soar

Scorching temperatures and record-breaking mercury for some; flood risks averted for others

File picture showing summer scenery at Nuuksio National Park in May 2018 / Credit: News Now Finland

You might call it the ‘Suomi Summer Sizzle’ – because the country roasted in high temperatures on Monday.

Both Turku and Heinola hit highs of 29.1°C today and a high pressure system means it won’t cool off for the next few days.

Also on Monday Konnunsuola in Lapland witnessed a record-breaking rapid temperature rise. This morning it was just +1°C but hit a high of 28.9°C during the hottest part of the day.

“This required clear weather and extremely dry air. When the weather is clear, at night heat will radiate from the ground into the atmosphere and the day warms up as much as possible. If the air was damp, a fog would have formed at night so the temperature drop would have stalled and the ground couldn’t cool down” explains meteorologist Antti Jylhä-Ollila from the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

The previous Finnish rapid temperature change record happened in Enontekiö back in 1971 when the thermometer climbed from +24.6°C to +2.9°C.

Kittilä Avoids Flood Evacuations

Meanwhile, parts of Lapland were on flood watch all day Monday.

The Tornio and Ounasjoki rivers rose at a worrying pace, and authorities in Kittilä were keeping a careful eye in case local residents needed to be evacuated.

By Monday night, is seemed that nobody would have to leave their homes.

“We firmly believe that this rise in water will slow down, and no evacuation is needed” says fire chief Jorma Ojala of the Lapland Rescue Department.