Forty degree+ temperature spread, as winter’s coldest low is recorded in Lapland

There's a huge difference in daytime temperatures from north to south this January.

Chart showing cold temperatures across northern Lapland at 11:00 on 28th January

The weather in Finland is a tale of two temperatures at the moment – with a forty degree difference between the warmest and coldest part of the country.

The coldest temperature so far this winter in Finland was recorded as -38.8°C at Kevojärvi in Utsjoki late Monday night.

The temperatures across Lapland are not just cold in the evenings, in the middle of the day on Tuesday there are lows of -37.3°C recorded in parts of northern Finland.

It’s quite a contrast to the south of the country where the capital city region has had at least 15 days so far in January with the daily maximum temperature above +5°C.

Meteorologists say the last time there were so many days like this was back in 1930 when there were 8 January with the temperature above +5°C in Helsinki.

Chart showing Helsinki warm January temperatures / Credit: FMI