First Snowfall in Lapland; Rain & Flood Risk for Other Regions

Snow in Lapland, while much of the rest of the country sees prolonged rainfall, with rising river and lake levels leading to some flooding.

Webcam image from the early hours of Wednesday morning showing snowfall in Kittilä / Credit:

Residents in Lapland woke up to the first snowfall of the year today.

The deepest snow fell in Kittilä with 4cm still laying this morning, according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI.

There was snow in other parts of Lapland too. Inari had 3cm and Sodankylä had 2cm.

The official determination of ‘first snow’ is met when there is still overnight snow laying on the ground by 09:00 in the morning.

Rainy Forecast

In the rest of Finland, rainy weather continues today in many places, but mostly in the south east part of the country.

At the start of Wednesday, rainfall was quite even from the Helsinki capital city region to Kymenlaakso, but during the day it most to east Uusumaa.

The heaviest rainfall from Tuesday to Wednesday was recorded in Porvoo with 29mm; Mäntsälä 28mm; Helsinki 25mm; and Espoo’s Nuuksio National Park 24mm.

Due to flooding in parts of the Turku motorway as it comes towards Helsinki, this morning only one lane was open in either direction at Kirkkojärvi in Espoo, according to the Finnish Transport Agency.

To avoid congestion, motorists are advised to choose other routes where possible.

Rainfall on Rivers

Rivers and lakes have risen in southern Finland due to days of heavy rainfall, says the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE.

In Espoonjoki, water has risen to the motorway on Turunväylä, and elsewhere in the south of Finland, the rivers may cause floods in the lower-laying areas, including Lepsämänjoki and Loimijoki.

River water levels are expected to rise at least through Thursday, when the heaviest rainfall will be finished.

In eastern Finland, the water levels of lakes are still in excess of over half a meter above the average for this time of year.

Pielinen and Kallavesi are projected to be at a much higher level throughout autumn, and the Saimaa water level is also expected to rise.