Finland’s all-time November heat record broken

Our overnight warm air came all the way from Bermuda to Finland!

File picture showing thermometer with warm temperatures - representative only / Credit: iStock

It’s already been a mild start to November, and in one part of the country the national heat record has been broken.

The temperature at Pori Airport hit +14.7°C in the wee small hours of Tuesday morning.

That’s the highest temp ever recorded in Finland in November and beats the previous record of +14.3°C which was set back in 2015 on the south coast island of Kemiönsaari.

“November started with a new heat record for Finland, and thanks to intense warm air advection from subtropical Atlantic, it occurred in the middle of the night” writes meteorologist Mika Rantanen.

The source of the warm air, Rantanen explains, was near Bermuda – which sounds very tropical indeed!

“The highest temperatures were recorded near the surface and not higher in the atmosphere” he adds, noting that almost every weather station in Western Finland set a new monthly record in the last 24 hours for warm temperatures.

Note: New monthly highs in magenta-

Screen grab of warm weather temperatures from western stations / Credit: FMI