Finland roasts in hottest June day for more than 80 years

The heatwave continues on Friday before showers move in to northern and eastern areas, and the temperatures cool off a bit other southern areas too.

File picture of sunbathers at Allas Sea Pools in Helsinki, June 2018 / Credit: News Now Finland

Finland is roasting this week as temperatures peaked on Thursday at 32.7°C in Kronoby in Ostrobothnia – between Jakobstad and Kokkola.

It’s officially the hottest June day for 85 years – the last time the temperature was higher was back in 1935 when it reached 33.8°C in Ähtäri.

Other hotspots on Thursday were also in Ostrobothnia with Vaasa residents sweltering in temperatures of +32°C while in Seinäjoki the mercury hit +32.4°C.

Meteorologist Mika Rantanen says this year marks the third consecutive summer in Finland where the maximum temperature has been above +33°C, something that has not happened before since digital records began in 1960.

Finland’s all-time high temperature was measured in 2010 in North Karelia at 37.2°C.

On Friday the weather stays hot again, in the upper 20s or low 30s in central areas. However rain and thunder storms creep into the north of Lapland and in parts of the eastern border as the day goes on.

By Saturday things have cooled off considerably from Oulu through Lapland. The rest of the country will see temperatures a few degrees down from Thursday’s highs, with some relief in coastal areas particularly around Vaasa where temperatures will be a full 10 degrees cooler than today.