Easter Weekend Weather

Winter isn't going anywhere just yet, as fire department gives ice advice for Easter weekend.

Wintry weather on the Espoo coast, Easter 2018 / Credit: News Now Finland

The forecast for most of the Easter long weekend is sunny and bright across the country, but winter is coming back again on Monday.

According to the Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI, the temperatures are colder than usual, with the chance of severe frosts overnight, but it will be generally sunny weather over Easter.

But on Monday the weather is likely to change, due to a front moving in from the south.

“There is a chance for snowfall in the whole country, but the forecast is not yet certain” says Niko Tollman, a meteorologist at FMI.

“There is some variation in the forecast, if the next weather system is coming to us, or if it will go to the east” Tollman explains.

Before then, the sunshine will make the temperatures feel warmer, especially in the south of the country, although overnight freezes might cause slippery road surfaces.

Winter Statistics

There’s no doubt that winter has lingered in many parts of Finland this year. In North Karelia, there is still a metre of snow at observation stations this weekend. In Jyväskylä there’s still almost 80cm. In Kittilä more than 90cm, approximately the same as last year.

In the capital city region, winter snow has been around average, compared with statistics from 1981 to 2010.

Helsinki Ice Advice

The Helsinki Fire Department is warning people not to go out on the sea ice this Easter weekend due to unpredictability of ice strength.

Great Day Outdoors! We are no longer recommending going to the sea for ice because its load capacity varies unpredictably.

Writing on Twitter, rescue officials recommend being prepared at minimum with small ice picks hung around the neck, that you can use to help haul yourself out in case the ice gives way and you find yourself unexpectedly in the water.