Dangerous Driving Conditions & Extreme Cold Temperatures

As temperatures plunge & road conditions become dangerous, experts say plan extra time for your journeys.

Extreme cold winter weather in Lapland / Credit: News Now Finland

If you’re driving in Finland today, winter weather conditions are more challenging than usual.

Finnish Transport Agency Liikkennevirasto is warning of snow and freezing rain, as well as high winds and the impact it has on snow drifts by the side of the road. The agency urges motorists to take extra care, and allow plenty of time for their journeys.

Warnings are in place for western and southern Finland, including the capital city region where surface water could turn to ice and be tricky for drivers and pedestrians alike. The Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI says driving conditions are bad also in Central Finland, North Ostrobothia and Kainuu.

So far, traffic flows throughout the country have been relatively smooth, despite the weather.

“It is predicted that the snow will continue until the evening in the south of Finland and along the south coast” says Risto Nurminen from the Tampere Road Transport Centre.

“In addition, the wind is fierce” warns Nurminen, adding a note of caution for drivers as road surfaces are slipper with condensation and snow.

Extreme Cold Temperatures

Meanwhile residents in Inari are experiencing the coldest day of the winter so far. This morning the temperature dropped to -36.8°C.

FMI says this is likely to remain the coldest temperature all year, as the long term forecast calls for slightly warmer weather.