Autumn storm warning brings bad weekend weather

Strong winds, warm nights, rainy days - and the chance of frost next week as a cold snap begins.

File picture of stormy weather on Ryssansaari, Helsinki / Credit: iStock

Gather up your garden furniture because because autumn is already arriving with a storm warning.

The Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI has issued a warning ahead of a storm front which is forecast to hit Finland over the weekend.

The first signs of stormy weather are expected to arrive on Friday night, starting from the west bringing rain and thunder.

It’s all due to a low pressure system heading from the British Isles, which moved over Denmark and southern Sweden, and will be blowing into Finland properly by Saturday morning.

Wind speeds up to 21 meters per second in the Gulf of Bothnia and off the south west coast will cause rough seas.

While most of the country will feel the impact of bad weather, it’s the west of Finland that is worst affected.

“A strong wind might bring down trees and and cause problems for driving and electricity distribution” says meteorologist Paavo Korpela.

“Particularly on Friday night and Saturday night the weather will seem very unusual with strong winds and temperatures close to +20°C” he says.

Those balmy nights are caused by warm air circulating from the south, but the next cold front brings significantly cooler air at the start of next week when there’s a probability of overnight frost.

Sunday marks the autumn equinox in the northern hemisphere, when the days and nights are roughly equal lengths of 12 hours each. After that, the darkness takes over…

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Saturday afternoon 22nd September 2018 / Credit: FMI