Autumn cold record temperature smashed – again!

Extreme cold winter weather in Lapland / Credit: News Now Finland

The record for the coldest autumn temperature recorded so far this year has been smashed, for the second time this week!

The temperature in Enontekiö on Tuesday morning was recorded at -28.2°C.

Temperatures below -27°C were also recorded in Sodankylä, Luosto, and Kittilä on Tuesday.

All of those low temperatures beat the previous coldest autumn temp for 2019 which was recorded just a day before on Monday morning in Muonio at -26.4°C.

Before that, this year’s autumn loaw was -26.3°C in Enontekio.

The cold weather is forecast to continue for the coming days, and a chilling wind coming in from the north east will make the outside air temperatures feel colder still.

The all time coldest temperature for autumn, of any year, was recorded in late November 1915 when the mercury dropped down to -42°C in Sodankylä.