VIDEO: Urban art splashes Helsinki’s concrete walls with colour

Some of the city's most boring neighbourhoods are getting a makeover, as a grassroots art project brightens up dull facades.


A project to brighten up some of Helsinki’s most boring concrete neighbourhoods is splashing colourful murals onto some pretty big canvases.

Inspired by street art movements in other parts of the world, Helsinki Urban Art was founded with the idea of bringing those ideas to the Finnish capital.

“I’ve been interested in street art for a really long time, and I’ve been traveling to different places to see it. And I was always kind of thinking we should have it more in Helsinki” says one of Helsinki Urban Art’s founders Jaakko Blomberg.

Over the years, and thanks in part to the work of the artists, the perception of street art in Finland has been changing.

“We had zero tolerance for street art and graffiti from 98 to 2008, and it had like a stigma, that it’s just something dirty and bad, and it took quite a long time to convince people that it can be something else” Blomberg tells News Now Finland.

Now, the art movement finds that whenever new works appear on city walls, local residents are happy to see it.

You can find Helsinki Urban Art’s works in Pasila, Kalasatama, Kallio, Kannelmäki, Merihaka, Martinlaakso and Roihuvoiri. There is such a strong interest in the street art that they even organise walking tours to show people the finished murals.