WATCH: Penkkarit celebrations culminate in candy and colour

It's a cultural rite of passage that goes back generations, still celebrated today across the country.

File picture of Espoo penkkarit parade, February 2019 / Credit: News Now Finland

Students in many parts of the country are celebrating today with noisy and colourful penkkarit parades.

Although some events already took place last week, the tradition culminates today in a cultural rite of passage that dates back generations as high school seniors marked the last day of school before study leave and spring exams.

The students dress up in costume, and ride around in trucks throwing candy at other students who still have to attend classes.

The trucks are often decorated in a theme, with home-made banners on the side trying to stand out from the other schools in the parade.

Watch our video from one colourful and noisy 2019 penkkarit procession in Espoo.