WATCH: Espoo brewery sends ‘thirst aid’ to Australia

The Otaniemi-based business wanted to do something to help out with recovery efforts after the recent devastating bushfires.

File picture of Fat Lizard Brewing beer / Credit: News Now Finland

An Espoo brewery is sending some ‘thirst aid’ to Australia, by donating proceeds from a special beer to bushfire relief efforts.

Fat Lizard Brewing in Otaniemi came up with the idea after seeing videos from the recent devastating fires across eastern Australia and in particular the impact it had on wildlife.

So they developed the ‘Finny Tinny’ – Aussie slang for a can of beer from Finland – to quench the thirsts of local beer lovers and help with wildfire relief efforts as well.

“The label’s upside down, because Australia is Down Under as everyone knows. The actual logo can be turned and seen both ways” explains Fat Lizard’sĀ Matt Miller, who is from Australia.

“It’s a little bit of a comedy part, of how Australians don’t take life too seriously, even faced with adversity” he tellsĀ News Now Finland.

The taste profile of the ‘Finny Tinny’ is somewhere between a Victoria Bitter and “a really high class Australian ale” says Miller.

“A nice tasting, sparkling ale, that you can enjoy with a nice fruitiness of the hops. A little tropical, imagining what Australia should be like” he adds.

The beer has 5.5% alcohol which means it can be bought in local supermarkets in the capital city region, as well as the Fat Lizard brew shop in Otaniemi and some bars.

Fifty cents of each can sold will be donated by the brewery to wildfire relief funds, and bars will also chip in a donation for each can sold there too.