VIDEO: Last Day To Vote In Finland For Swedish Elections

Our neighbours to the west, Sweden, go to the polls on Sunday 9th September to vote in local, regional and general elections.


If you’re a Swede living in Finland today is the last day to vote in the upcoming elections.

On Sunday, voters in Sweden will cast their ballots in local, regional and general elections.

Here in Finland, there are an estimated 8,500 Swedes registered to vote and they have to do it in advance at polling stations in Helsinki, Turku or Tampere.

The Swedish Embassy in Helsinki says lots of people have been coming to vote, and local turn-out is noticeably higher than at the last election in 2014.

The dominant story in Sweden during this election cycle has been the rapid rise of the right wing Sweden Democrats, who are predicted to become the country’s second largest party – although other main parties say they won’t work with them to form any future coalition government.