VIDEO: Glowing Fireball Lights Up Lapland Sky

Inari Fire Department received a number of calls from people worried there might have been a plane crash in the region.


A once-in-a-decade fireball lit up part of the night sky in Lapland yesterday evening.

According to the Astronomical Society Ursa, a phenomenon this bright is only seen in Finland once every ten years, and last night was brightest in the Lake Inari region, with meteorite fragments weighing tens of kilos hitting the ground south and southwest of the lake.

Video from Aurora Service Tours shows a blinding light in the sky that lasts for several seconds before the fireball can be seen in the upper right hand side of the video.

“My immediate thoughts were earthquake, but then realised, we don’t get earthquakes in Lapland. It must have been a huge tree falling on the roof? Nope, all the trees are still vertical” writes Tony from Aurora Service Tours.

“It was when I rewind the camera I see what actually happened. This happened so fast, without warning and with such violent power. It was humbling, just how small and insignificant a man is, compared to the destructive power of the universe” he concludes.

The fireball was so bright that several people called to Inari Rescue Service, concerned there might have been a plane crash.

“We got six or seven notifications” says Inari Fire Chief Jukka Harmanen.