VIDEO: The man who replaced his finger with a USB memory stick

After a motorcycle accident, the body modification got positive comments from people all round the world.


Ten years ago Jerry Jalava became ‘internet famous’ after a blog post he wrote went viral, and lead to international media fame.

The computer engineer had lost part of a finger on his left hand in a motorbike accident, and decided to make a prosthetic with a USB memory stick in it.

“That’s how it all got started, and we blogged about it, and then it got wild” laughs Jalava.

Soon his blog post was getting noticed by journalists from all around the world who contacted him to ask about his quirky body modification: the prosthetic finger slips off, and can plug into a computer.

Jerry literally carries his memories in his finger!

“The amount of attention was overwhelming. It was something that we couldn’t have imagined that it would actually come together” he tells News Now Finland.

Jalava received many comments on social media, and looking back he says there was a positive message through his experiments with adding a memory stick to his prosthetic finger.

“It got pretty good comments about people finding again a reasoning, not everything is lost, if you lose something from your body. So it got really encouraging feelings also” he says.

So what has Jalava done with his finger in the last ten years? Have there been any tech upgrades or more memory added to the USB stick?

Well, he says he hasn’t done much, but now he’s working at his own startup, and maybe the developers there will add some extra functionality to his finger.

“Especially now that technology has come forward really really huge steps, it would be quite easy to do something awesome with it”.