WATCH: Penkkarit parade – costumes and candy for the last day of school

It's a decades-old tradition and thousands of students across the country see it as a rite of passage every year.


High school seniors across the country celebrated today with noisy and colourful penkkarit parades.

It’s a tradition that dates back generations, when seniors marked the last day of school before study leave and spring exams.

The students dress up in costume, and ride around in trucks throwing candy at bystanders.

The trucks are often decorated in a theme, with home-made banners on the side trying to stand out from the other schools in the parade.

At a parade in Espoo hundreds of senior students from local schools gathered today before setting off on a 90 minute drive around the area.

“Thanks for your cooperation Netflix, Google, Silja Line and Alepa” said one banner, while another read “Now we’re on Alko holidays” referring to the state-owned liquor store.

“One taught me love. One taught me patience. One taught me pain” said another banner, referencing Ariana Grande’s hit song ‘Thank u, next’ as the students dresses in Care Bare costumes.

In another truck, one student dressed as North Korea’s Supreme Leader and waved a flag.

The grammar errors on one banner which read “We no study. We no care. We go marry millionaires” suggests that the students would indeed have to study if they want to pass their English language exams at least…