LISTEN: Summer Podkäst episode 5 is out now

On this week's show we're talking about education reform and back-to-school; cutting the VAT on menstrual products; and launching a new intercity bus service between Turku and Helsinki.


The new episode of our summer Podkäst is available now wherever you listen to your podcast content.

On this week’s show Education Minister Li Andersson (Left) talks about the new coronavirus precautions in place when schools go back this week; and discusses the education reforms enacted now around early childhood education, plus some in the pipeline – despite political opposition.

Fatim Diarra from the Finnish Feminist Association Naisunioni explains how the organisation is working with political parties to raise awareness around period poverty, and trying to get the VAT on menstrual products reduced from 24% to 10%.

And 21-year old entrepreneur Eero Autio joins the conversation to tell us more about launching a new intercity bus service with his twin brother. Their NanoBus service launches at the end of this week connecting Turku and Helsinki.

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