LISTEN: Summer Podkäst episode 3 out now

On this week's show we're talking about the reality of politics, brewing Finnish beer in Australia and making music during lockdown.


The third episode of our summer Podkäst is available now wherever you listen to your podcast content.

On this week’s show Anders Adlercreutz from the Swedish People’s Party talks about the reality of politics, working in a coalition government and fending off the slings and arrows of opposition insults.

Brewer Jayne Lewis from Two Birds Brewing in Melbourne talks about how the locals have embraced their Kansalrikännit beers – bringing the Finnish ‘pants drunk’ concept to discerning beer drinkers in Australia.

And legendary Finnish musician and producer Darude tells us more about making music during the coronavirus lockdown, the enduring legacy of Sandstorm, and competing in the Eurovision Song Contest.

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