LISTEN: Summer Podkäst episode 2 out now

On this week's show we're talking politics and coronavirus, slave labour working conditions, and football.


Just in time for the weekend, the second episode of our summer Podkäst is available now.

On this week’s show Europe Minister Tytti Tuppurainen (SDP) talks about the EU’s coronavirus recovery plan, ahead of a crunch summit of European leaders next week in Brussels – the first time they’ll have met in person since before the coronavirus crisis began.

Helsingin Sanomat journalist Paavo Teittinen is also on this week’s episode talking about his headline-grabbing investigation into slave labour conditions for many cleaners in Finland who are migrants or asylum seekers: with no job security, low pay, terrible working conditions – and the public procurement system which keeps giving contracts to their employers.

And Huuhkajat men’s national team captain Tim Sparv talks about missing out on the Euro2020 tournament this year, his work promoting gender equality in football and why he feels it’s the right thing to use his platform to speak out about the issues he believes in.

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