GALLERY: Vaasa sand sculptures

Students had to swap snow for sand at their annual snow sculpting competition in Vaasa this week.


Students in Vaasa were forced to use sand this week in their annual snow sculpting contest due to a lack of snow!

The competition took place on Tuesday afternoon, but because of the lack of snow, organisers made the decision to bring in piles of sand instead.

“Usually we have snow this time of year. Right now we have minus degrees, and in Lapland they have a lot of snow but in the coast we don’t have any” explains Max Jansson, Managing Director at Vaasa Region Tourism.

“We wondered what should we do, because we have to have this competition. So then we thought what if we use sand and everyone said yes! So that’s why we use sand” Jansson says.

After several hours carving and shaping the piles of sand in Vaasa Market Square, the final art installations were ready for viewing by the public and included a giant turtle, Egyptian pyramids, a bottle of champagne and some naked sunbathers.

Here’s a gallery of the best sand sculptures, with photos by Tapio Rajahalmi for News Now Finland, and Max Jansson from Vaasa Region Tourism: