GALLERY: Red, green and gold – Lapland’s ‘ruska’ colours

The change of seasons brings a blanket of colour to Lapland's forests and fells as 'ruska' - the short but spectacular autumn season - descends on the region.

Colour in the stones / Credit: Paul Stevens

At this time of year Finland’s forests and fells are rapidly changing through the short autumn season when the leaves turn many different shades.

This is known as ‘ruska’ in Finnish, where the vivid reds from bilberry and lingonberry bushes can be seen in stark contrast with the yellow leaves of the dwarf birch, the dark green conifers, and the grey scree slopes of the fells.

Lapland’s Phyä-Luosto National Park offers hikers the chance to experience ruska along a 35km trail through gorges and over fells from Pyhäntunturi to Luostotunturi offering spectacular views and a ringside seat of the autumn colours.

This gallery of ruska landscapes in Lapland comes from the lens of Espoo-based wildlife photographer Paul Stevens.