GALLERY: Finnish chefs awarded Michelin stars

Six Finnish restaurants now have the prestigious award, crowning the best in culinary arts.

Salt roasted potatoes with yellow onions, sunflower seeds, ramson & king crab ”béchamel" / Credit: Restaurant Grön

Five Finnish restaurants, all in the capital city, have retained their prestigious Michelin stars, while a new restaurant has been awarded its first star.

Restaurants Ask, Demo, Grön, Ola and Ora all kept their current Michelin star rankings when the 2019 awards for the Nordic countries were announced on Monday night in Aarhus, Denmark.

The Palace Restaurant, lead by Head Chef Eero Vottonen, was awarded its first Michelin star in 30 years, after it was closed for a major renovation and reopened in 2017. Tampere chef Votonen, who also trained in the UK, represented Finland at the prestigious Bocuse d’Or competition – the ‘culinary Olympics’ – in 2017.

Here are some of the dishes which wowed the international judges and lead to Michelin stars.