GALLERY: Celebrating Finnish Nature Day through stunning sunsets

From Lapland in the north, to Porkkalanniemi in the south; from Kuopio in the east to Mariehamn in the west - at all seasons - we've got some stunning Finnish sunsets!

Porkkalanniemi sunset / Credit: Paul Stevens

No matter the season there’s always the chance of a beautiful sunset in Finland if the clouds part, or even if they don’t fully disappear.

With Finland being a long country the light at sunset in the south can be different from the light and colours in the north.

In winter the sunsets tend to have more pink in them, especially in the opposite direction to the sun, so it is worth looking behind you.

Lapland is well known for its pink winter skies. Spring sunsets seem to me to be stronger with a more yellow cast. Perhaps it is the clear skies and freshness of spring that causes this?

Summer sunsets can feel that they last for ages if there are some clouds around, but the sky at the horizon or below is clear. The sun does not go far below the horizon, so can keep shining on the clouds for a long time, painting them in pastel shades.

In the northere are many days between sunsets in the midsummer months, the season of white nights, but there is the low midnight sun.

Autumn can be a difficult time for sunsets, as the weather is often cloudy and rainy. Also, the sun sets just around the time we are all going home from work, so often gets missed or is seen from the office window.

Whatever time of the year it is worth taking time to enjoy the peace of a sunset. If there are birds around, they too are slowing down for the night. But first they may want to settle any arguments, especially during the mating season, before they settle down for the night.

This gallery comes from the lens of Espoo-based wildlife photographer Paul Stevens. Follow him on Instagram and Facebook.