WATCH: Former Miss Finland rescued from Himalayan mountain

Lotta Hintsa said she was too sick to have attempted the climb to the summit of the world's 12th largest mountain.

Picture of Lotta Hintsa in Pakistani military helicopter / Credit: ISPR

A former Miss Finland is waiting in the Pakistani town of Skardu today for permission to travel home, after being rescued by the Pakistani military attempting to climb a Himalayan mountain.

Lotta Hintsa – crowned Miss Finland in 2013 – was already sick when she attempted to climb Broad Peak, the 12th highest mountain in the world on the border with Pakistan and China.

“I was not healthy enough to have attempted the summit (coughing, chest pain, back pain, bleeding nose for 7 weeks…)” she wrote on Instagram.

One of Hinta’s climbing companions caught pneumonia during the expedition and the Pakistani military helicopter was sent to bring him back for medical treatment. Despite her sickness, Hintsa says she didn’t really need to be rescued but went along for the ride anyway.

Video provided by the Pakistani military, and filmed from a second helicopter, shows the rescue chopper touching down in the snow on the mountainside, and the climbers moving towards it.

The model, who also appeared as a contestant on Finland’s Dancing With The Stars TV show in 2018, praised the skills of the military pilots who rescued her but says she could have walked out of the mountain range unaided.

“Health wise, I’m quite ok, and even though the press considers me ‘rescued’, I was perfectly capable and willing to walk out on my own feet at the end of the expedition.”

The beauty queen writes on social media that winter climbing has taught her so much more than summer climbing. “Four words: Hard. Blue. Steep. Ice. For hundreds of vertical meters that you climb up and down, over and over again.”

Former Miss Finland Lotta Hintsa on a mountain in the Himalayas, where she was rescued after becoming sick / Credit: Instagram