Finland’s first vegan burger chain is changing the menu for meat-free meals

Bun2Bun used to serve traditional burgers, but flipped the menu to go 100% vegan instead.


Finland’s first ever vegan burger chain launched today in Helsinki with three locations.

Bun2Bun has been open since spring this year cooking traditional meat patties, but now they flipped the menu, to only serve a range of vegan burgers instead.

“Why to change everything? Because I think as an entrepreneur I need to do my part as well for the environment” says chef and Bun2Bun co-owner Pertti Kallioinen.

The chefs are using a product called ‘Beyond Meat’ which has pea protein as the main ingredient, and beetroot extract as well to give it a meaty colour and ‘bloody’ appearance. These burgers, says Kallioinen, look and taste and most importantly react just like meat when they’re cooking.

There’s four different burgers on the menu including a traditional club burger; blue cheese burger; a bbq cheddar burger and a spicy burger with whole grilled chili inside.

“Those four burgers are giving all the different flavours, there’s a really heavy one, a really juicy one, and a classic one. We wanted to start with these four simple flavours first then we bring different kind of products later” he tells News Now Finland.

Pertti Kallioinen and his co-owner Pasi Hassinen already run two popular restaurant chains in the capital city region Street Gastro and Mad Wok where they’ve been serving vegan dishes on the menus for several years. The next logical step for the pair was to transform Bun2Bun into something completely different.

“We’re not trying to make a big thing that we’re vegan, we’re a burger chain but everything is vegan” says Kallioinen.

“Everyone should start to think more about vegan options. Vegan is not bad. It’s very tasty”.