Fashion Victims? Dressed To Impress At Flow Festival

Turbans, tote bags, fashion-forward fabric and flea market finds: anything goes and everything's on-trend at Helsinki's Flow Festival this year.

Flow Festival main entrance at Suvilahti, August 2018 / Credit: Lotta Kallio, News Now Finland

While music is top of the agenda this weekend at Flow Festival in Helsinki, the stylish crowd can set new clothing trends, or become fashion victims with their wardrobe choices. Some people might want to make a statement; some people want to look hip; and some people just want to be comfortable with their style choices.

Some of the fashion trends on show at this year’s festival included Marimekko prints, flower crowns and tennis socks, for the tens of thousands of people flocking to Suvilahti neighbourhood to see acts like Lauren Hill, Kendrick Lamar, and the Arctic Monkeys.

But style is all about individuals, so we talked with six festival goers about their Flow Festival outfits:

Helsinki resident Iina, 21, poses in her Flow Festival fashion / Credit: Lotta Kallio, News Now Finland

Iina, 21, from Helsinki built her outfit around a leather top she bought in Berlin. She thought about the outfit for a week but had to change it a bit because of the weather. The final touch was added on location.

“I saw a friend of mine here. She was wearing these glasses, gave them to me and told me to return them later” Iina tells News Now Finland.


A Tiger Woods mugshot tote completes the look for Mjiska, 25 / Credit: Lotta Kallio, News Now Finland

Mjiska, 25, from Helsinki rocked a Tiger Woods mugshot tote bag and a black Oprah Winfrey ‘presidential campaign’ hoodie. The political attire came together in the morning before heading to Flow.

“I was running late this morning so I think it took me about two minutes to get ready” he says.


Festival goer Bebelo, 23, from Oulu doesn’t follow fashion, but wears what feels good / Credit: Lotta Kallio, News Now Finland

Bebelo, 23, from Oulu does not follow trends but wears what he thinks looks good. His Flow outfit took him mere seconds to put together. 

“I buy most of my clothes from flea markets. For festivals I dress a bit more like a drunkard I guess!”


Joonas decided to wear a turban at Flow this year / Credit: Lotta Kallio, News Now Finland

Joonas, 33, from Helsinki followed the mantra of many others of trying something new.

“I saw a friend for coffee and they were wearing a turban and I knew I had to try that too”, he tells News Now Finland.


Sisters Salma and Maryama look effortlessly chic at Flow Festival 2018 / Credit: Lotta Kallio, News Now Finland

Sisters Salma (L), 20, and Maryama (R), 21, from Helsinki don’t think their festival looks differ much from their day-to-day outfits.

“Maybe you add a bit more colour, make it look extra, but not much really” says Maryama.

Salma built her outfit around Nike hijab she found in Dubai and added black and white to it for a cohesive look. Salma’s outfit was about a month in the making but Maryama thought that giving it two weeks was “last minute”.