Nokia-brand’s rebirth continues with arrival of ‘monster’ mobile

With its array of five cameras on the back, the striking new phone has already sold out thanks to advance orders.

File picture of new Nokia PureView 9 phone / Credit: HDMGlobal

A new Nokia-brand mobile phone with five cameras and a surge in pre-orders has gone on sale in Finland.

Finnish tech company HDM Global bought the rights to sell phone with the Nokia name back in 2016, and today continued the iconic brand’s revival with the launch of it’s new PureView 9 – which was already sold out before it hit the shops.

“We got a huge number of pre-orders which surprised us also”, HDM’s Ossi Korpela told Iltalehti newspaper.

“There may be some individual pieces available in stores this week” he adds.

The new phone was unveiled last month at the Barcelona Mobile World Congress along with three other new Nokia models. The size of screen and number of cameras has lead some tech publications to dub it as a ‘monster’ mobile phone.

Despite the high-spec look and feel of the flagship phone, the new Nokia is priced more affordably than competitors at €599. For that money, consumers get five 12 megapixel cameras and the most advanced Nokia phone so far. For the first time on a Nokia phone, it also comes with a fingerprint detection for security.

“Innovation belongs to our legacy, and today it can be seen in Nokia PureView’s photographing innovations” says HDM’s margeting manager Pekka Rantala on the company’s website.

Early reviews of the phone say however that with so many cameras, there’s an inevitable drain on battery time.

Last year, Nokia topped the list of most patents in Finland – responsible for 738 out of the 1728 patents in Finland during 2018 according to the European Patent Office.

HDM Global is taking part in the GoExpo event this weekend in Helsinki where nature photographer Konsta Punkka will be showcasing the phone’s camera abilities.