Kajaani supercomputer joins the race to find a coronavirus vaccine

The university has one of the only student-administered supercomputers in Europe.

File picture of tech, AI or computers / Credit: iStock

A supercomputer at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences KAMK is linking up with Stanford University in California to help model the surface structure of the coronavirus and its protein folding process.

The work is part of the Folding@home project which hopes to contribute to the development of a specific vaccine against Covid-19.

“We harnessed 70 data computing units of our Bull-supercomputer for Folding@home computation. This means about 200,000 ‘cuda cores'” says Juha Hauhia who works for the KAMK engineering programme, and used the supercomputer which is based in Vimpelinlaakso.

Cuda cores are processors that can perform parallel computational calculations, which speed up the processing of information which is needed for the medical treatment of the virus.

The KAMK is one of the only universities in Europe that has a supercomputer administer by students, and university President Matti Sarén says it’s “remarkable” that the school can be part of an international research project like this.

”In this situation we will do everything to find a cure for the virus. Even the smallest help we can offer to thwart the virus is important to us” Sarén says.