Refurbished Olympic Stadium becomes the home of Design Week 2020

Organisers of Helsinki Design Week hope that holding their event in the newly opened landmark will make it more accessible to the public.

File picture of Helsinki Olympic Stadium, 2014 / Credit: Stadion Foundation, Sini Pennanen

Helsinki Design Week will find a home this year at the Olympic Stadium, which is coming to the end of a multi-year major refurbishment. 

Construction has been ongoing at the stadium since 2016 and it’s set to open to the public in August.  

Helsinki Design Week, which was established in 2005, is the latest event confirmed to mark the iconic building’s opening during August and September. 

“It gives artists and designers a blank canvas to fill, as the city celebrates the reopening of the stadium, and the exhibition gives visitors a new perspective on the building” says Margriet Vollenberg, Design Week’s curator.

“The exhibition will be accompanied by sporting values such as fun, entertainment and connecting people” she adds.

According to organizers, Helsinki Design Week hopes to reach new audiences by showcasing its works in a location that’s more accessible to the public.

“The Olympic Stadium is a meeting place and we are delighted to have the opportunity to interact and collaborate with the design industry” explains Marju Paju, Director of Marketing and Communications at the Olympic Stadium.

“Helsinki Design Week brings new forms of action and even surprising encounters to the stadium’s unique environment” she says. 

Helsinki’s iconic Olympic Stadium was designed for the 1940 summer games which Helsinki had bid for but come second to Tokyo in the selection process. The Tokyo games were canceled due to war, and moved to Helsinki as runner up, but ultimately canceled.

The stadium finally got the chance to host Olympic action as the main venue for the 1952 summer games.

Design week will be held at the stadium within 3rd to 13th September.