Oulu Hunt For Serial Swimming Pool Pooper

Dirty protest has city's health officials on high alert!

File picture of Raskila swimming pool in Oulu / Credit: Harri Mällinen

Authorities in Oulu are on the lookout for someone who has been pooping in a city pool.

Workers are Raksila swimming hall say they’ve found human feces in the water four times already during the past month.

The clean-up operation has cost the city thousands of euros so far.

“After the incident, the water from the large pool needs to be cleaned” says Niina Epäilys, Director of Sport in Oulu.

“The waste is first removed by a central vacuum cleaner and the chlorine content is increased from the usual 0.7 mg to about 2.0 milligrams per liter. In the pool there are 3,000 cubic meters of water” she tells News Now Finland.

The biggest nuisance during the cleaning process is to swimmers, because the pool is out of use for up to six hours, as the entire water circulates through the filtration system.

Staff at the swimming pool are asking other patrons to be vigilant, and they’ve been reviewing security camera footage as well.

They suspect that the pool poop incidents have all been caused by one person, but stress that water quality is very high.

“The investigation will continue in cooperation with the police. We have a suspect and doubts have arisen from staff observations and estimates, as well as from photographic material from surveillance cameras” says Niina Epäilys.

Raksila is one of Finland’s busiest swimming halls, with more than 600,000 visitors every year.