Nothing But Net: Lauri Markkanen Soars To Finnish NBA Record

Basketball phenom breaks points score in Sunday night game.

Lauri Markkanen scores against Milwaukee Bucks / Credit: @chicagobulls Instagram

They call him ‘The Finnisher’ in Chicago.

And Finland’s top NBA export Lauri Markkanen lived up to his name on Sunday night as he scored 17 points for the Bulls against the Milwaukee Bucks.

It wasn’t enough to give the Chicago Bulls a win, but it was enough to make Markkanen officially the top Finnish NBA scorer of all time with 721 points. That edges him past Hanno Möttölä‘s 715 points for the Atlanta Hawks in the early 2000s.

Immediately after the game, Markkanen said he didn’t know if Möttölä would notice that his record had fallen.

“I have not read my phone yet, maybe I need to send him a message” he smiled.

Markkanen also thanked his fans, saying they helped push him forward in difficult times and that he appreciates their support.