NBA star Lauri Markkanen stops eating red meat to slow climate change

"The Finisher" will finish eating steaks and other red meat to do his part to help the environment.

Picture of Finnish basketball star Lauri Markkanen / Credit: @MarkkanenLauri Twitter

Finnish NBA starĀ Lauri Markkanen says he’ll stop eating red meat.

It’s part of a campaign called #DontChoke where the Chicago Bulls player has teamed up with Finnish oil company Neste to warn of the dangers of climate change.

“As my first action for [the Don’t Choke campaign] I pledge to stop consuming red meat as a concrete step towards minimizing my personal carbon footprint. Every move counts, play your part” says Markkanen on Twitter.

In a previous video message to launch the campaign Markkanen said “as a father I need to make the right choices to help my child grow up in a safe and healthy environment”.

Markkanen says that when he moved to Chicago he had to learn to live in a big city surrounded by millions of people. “I also learned to appreciate even more where I grew up. Forest and clear waters were always near”.

Climate change is real. It affects all of us. This problem has made me think more about the world we are leaving for our kids […] saving the environment is a game we have to win together. Don’t choke, play your part” he urges viewers.

Neste’s change to renewables

State-owned Neste – the Finnish government controls 50.1% of the shares – made its name as one of Finland’s biggest oil companies, with petroleum refineries and petrol stations around the country. In the past, it was part of the problem of climate change, processing oil from Russian oil fields and the North Sea.

However like many companies Neste is trying to change and position itself at the forefront of the renewables industry and in a 2018 index was ranked the second most sustainable company in the world.