Finnish floorball gets an international-focused makeover

The new F-Liiga combines 30 semi-professional clubs across competitions for men and women, and brands them under the same marketing umbrella.

File picture of Esport Oilers players / Credit: Esport Oilers FB

Finland’s semi-professional floorball league is being rebranded and given a new identity as F-Liiga.

The new brand incorporates 30 clubs with 16 women’s teams and 14 men’s teams, and almost 900 players.

The makeover is part of a drive to improve the Finnish league’s international standing, as more games are broadcast in other countries.

“The Finnish Floorball Federation has established in 1985 and since those days we have played in Finnish highest league, but never has it produced for the international fans” says F-Liiga CEO Kimmo Nurminen.

“But now we have also the English content, it is really available for those fans abroad, outside the Finnish borders” he adds.

Finnish floorball – salibandy – is already shown on sports channels in Czech Republic and Slovakia, and there’s plans to cooperate with other federations to stream floorball events in the future.

Part of that international outreach effort is a newly designed logo for F-Liiga which combines a stylized falcon with the letter F for floorball.

“We want to create a league that can speak to a global audience, and we looked at the different symbols and found out that the falcon which is the world’s fastest animal is also known in each continent. So we are looking forward to spread the wings and make this movement to be as global as possible” says Toni Nikunen, F-Liiga’s Marketing Manager.

“A new feature is that we want to bring the content in English. We know there is demand internationally and we want to explore those options and we want to explore that strategy with brand development” he tells News Now Finland.

F-Liiga’s season begins in September with games running through the winter until playoffs in April.

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