Finnish e-athlete cleans up at World Championships

The title comes with a prize of $280,000 at a tournament in California.

File picture of e-athlete Joona Sotala / Credit: ENCE

Finnish gamer Joona Sotala has been crowned StarCraft II World Champion at a tournament in California, and netted a prize pot of $280,000.

The e-athlete wrote that he was “speechless and extremely happy” in a Twitter post.

Sotala plays for the Finnish ENCE e-sports team, and becomes the first player from outside South Korea to win the StarCraft II World Championship title.

He had to beat 15 of the best players in the world at the tournament, to secure his win.

StarCraft II is a military science fiction strategy game where competitors play in character as either humans, a super species called the Zerg, or a technologically advanced species called the Protoss. Finnish e-athlete Joona Sotala plays as the Zerg.