Finland wins floorball World Championships. Again.

Win was not entirely unexpected, but the team received a presidential letter of congratulations on the salibandy world title.

Members of the Finnish salibandy World Championship team, 9th December 2018 / Credit: @Salibandyfi Twitter

The Finnish men’s floorball team has won the World Championship for the second time in a row.

In a high-scoring Sunday night final in Prague, the Finns beat arch rivals Sweden 6-3 to claim the title.

Floorball, known as salibandy in Finnish, has been dominated by teams from northern Europe, so it’s not much of a surprise when either Finland or Sweden claim victory in the world championships every other year.

In fact, out of 12 men’s salibandy World Championships that have been held, they’ve all been won by either Finland or Sweden.

On their road to the title, the Finns only had to beat two other teams – Germany and Czech – to make it to the final. In other sporting world championships, countries would have to beat more than two other teams just to make it out of the group phase. So while the most recent title was certainly sweet, it was not an unexpected triumph.

Still, the victory earned the team a letter of congratulations from President Sauli Niinistö and other politicians wrote messages on social media, keen to praise the players for their success.

The next world championship action takes place closer to home in 2020, when Finland will be hosting the event for the third time.